Ohtori Choutarou
School: Hyoutei Gakuen
Birthday: 2/14 (Valentines!)
Status: Hyoutei Regular
Year: 2rd
Special Moves
   Scud Serve
General Info
Height: 185cm
Blood Type: O
Playing Style: Serve and Volley
Dominant Hand: Right
Hobbies: Playing the piano and violin
Favorite Food: lbeef casserole
Favorite Class: Music
Favorite Color: white
Favorite Saying:
"Ikkyuu ni kon!"(something like "I put everything into this!!")
Ohtori stands out from the rest the rest of the Hyoutei crowd because unlike his teammates he does not appear to so great an ego. He is generally quiet and is devoted to Shishido, his doubles partner. He was even willing to give up his spot as a regular in order to let Shishido back onto the team. His scud serve was considered the fastest serve in the tournament, but was hard to control. Eventually Shishido was able to control his serve as shown in the practice match against Seigaku. As the second best 2nd year player in Hyoutei, Ohtori will definitely be a threat in the future.
Family: ???  
Kanji: ta means "big around"  
Seiyuu: Namikawa Daisuke
Birthday: 4/2
   Akazukin Cha cha: Kuroneko
   Angelique: Heuye
   Arc the Lad: Elk
   Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Rev: Jing of Shippo
   Barom One: Shiratori Kentarou 
   Gilgamesh: Ensaki Tatsuya
   Ikkitousen: Toutaku Chuuei
   Onegai Twins: Kamishiro Maiku
   Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen
   Dokkaida: Suzuo (Dokkaido)
   Star Wars Episode II: Anakin Skywalker
   The Lord of the Rings: Frodo Baggins