Kabaji Munehiro
School: Hyoutei Gakuen
Birthday: 1/3
Status: Hyoutei Regular
Year: 2rd
Special Moves
   Copying Ability
General Info
Height: 190cm
Blood Type: O
Playing Style: Aggressive Baseliner
Dominant Hand: Right
Hobbies: Building bottle ships
Favorite Food: Pizza, gyuudon (beef and vegetables on top of rice)
Favorite Class: Fine Arts
Favorite Color: red, green, blue
Favorite Saying:
Uuse (yup)

Kabaji is the biggest tennis player to appear in Prince of Tennis. He appears to be one of the strong and silent types. He is almost like Atobe's trained dog ^_^ responding to whatever Kabaji says with "yup" and becoming serious when Atobe snaps his fingers (looked like some sort of rage mode) Although this may appear to make him look like some sort of the general stupid hulk, Kabaji is actually the genius of copying other people's moves (he even did Kikumaru's acrobatics!! o_O). His general play style is power tennis though.
Family: ???  
Kanji: Kaba means "birch"  
Seiyuu: Tsuruoka Satoshi
Birthday: 8/19
   Prince of Tennis: Atsushi Kisarazu (as well)