Atobe Keigo
School: Hyoutei Gakuen
Birthday: 10/4
Status: Hyoutei Regular (Captain)
Year: 3rd
Special Moves
   Hametsu e no Rondo (Rondo to Destruction)
General Info
Height: 175cm
Blood Type:A
Playing Style:all-rounder
Dominant Hand: Right
Hobbies:fly-fishing, reading
Favorite Food: roast beef and Yorkshire pudding
Favorite Class: Greek
Favorite Color: gold, black
Favorite Saying:"...naa Kabaji?" (...right, kabaji?)

Atobe Keigo... the king of the Hyoutei Tennis Team is an arrogant, rich player who was able to beat Tezuka in the district prelimenaries. His special move "Insight" is one to be feared since with that, he is able to see through any players weaknesses. (When he puts his fingers on his nose, it's more of a habit then anything, but it also shows that he has seen something) Although it appears that he is not able to defeat the players of Rikkaidai (or maybe his teammates are too weak so they always lose to them), Atobe's skill with tennis is not anything to be mocked. In a recent practice match against Seigaku though (Anime), Atobe's "insight" failed him when he used multiple "hametsu e no rondo" against Echizen, trying to break his wrist. In the end, Echizen turned the tables on him though and Atobe ended up being the one whose wrist was hurt.
Family: grandparents, father, mother  
Kanji: Ato means "trace, tracks, sign"  
Seiyuu: Suwabe Junichi
   Chobits: Kojima Yoshiyuki
   DT Eightron: Ain
   E's otherwise: Leonido
   Gad Guard: Katana
   Gravion: Alex Smith
   GTO: Fujiyoshi Koji
   Mohou tsukai ni taisetsu na koto (Someday's
   Dreamers): Oyamada Masami
   Peacemaker Kurogane: Yoshida Toshimaro
   X: Monou Fuuma