Name: Inui Sadaharu
School: Seigaku 3rd Year
Birthday: June 3
Status: Tennis Team Regular / Manager
Special Moves
   Data Tennis,
   fast serve
Class: 1
Height: 184 cm
Blood type: AB
Play-style: serve-and-volleyer
Dominant hand: right
Favorite food: durian (momo thinks so), soup-pasta (eiji thinks so)
[note: durian is a highly acquired tasting fruit]
Hobby: make members of tennis club drink "yasai-jiru" (vegetarian juice), standing against the sun
Favorite subject: phsyics
Favorite color: black
Favorite Saying:"The data has been gathered"

When he lost to Echizen he took on the position of manager and has stayed there since even though he was able to make his way back onto the regulars squad. He also wears many weights in order to increase his stamina and strength, and creates special food menus for the entire team which will help them to be in top shape. The famous maker of the deadly "Inui-jiru" (Inui Drink) of which the contents are unknown (usually bubbling when served and suspicious colors), Inui uses his juice in order to motivate the team to work harder. Anyone who drinks this (aside from Fuji) will most likely pass out or run out screaming from the horrible taste. Other then that, Inui uses data as his tennis. He analyzes the opponents movements and comes up with amazing statistics instantly to calculate where they will hit. From this, he also able to see through many of the other players moves when watching a match. (as a result he is used as the explainer of how every special move works)
another note: no one has seen Inui without his glasses on but it is rumored that he is rather good looking without them ^_^'
Kanji: Sadaharu 貞はる means "to harp to long
on a subject"; Inui
means "dry"
Seiyuu: Tsuda Kenjiro
   H2: Noda Atsushi
   Kuru Kuru Amy: Ginji
   Rurouni Kenshin: Toramaru
   Yu-Gi-Oh: Kaiba Seto