Name: Momoshiro Takeshi
School: Seigaku 2nd Year
Birthday: July 23
Status: Tennis Team Regular
Special Moves
   Dunk Smash,
   Jack Knife
Class: 8
Height: 170 cm
Blood type: O
Play-style: aggressive-baseliner
Dominant hand: right
Favorite food: shrimp cutlet burger, berry berry coco parfait
Hobby: listening to music, sensory type games
Favorite subject: math
Favorite color: red 
Favorite Saying:repeats the end of nearly everything he says (Ex. "That's not good... not good at all..."

Momoshiro is a loud and cheerful individual. He enjoys the company of all people except for his rival, Kaido. In the beginning he insisted that all of the freshman call him "Momo-chan", but it eventually became "Momo-chan senpai" (except for Echizen who calls him "Momo-sempai") He forcefully broke thorough Echizen's cool when he first met him and eventually was able to become one of his good friends. It seems that he might like Tachibana Anne (based on his reaction whenever she's around) though this is not confirmed. Also enjoys eating burgers (lots!) and Giant Niku-man (meat buns)
Family: A younger brother and sister  
Kanji: Momo means "peach tree";
means "castle";
means "warrior"
Seiyuu: Onosaka Masaya
   Angelic Layer: Mihara Ichirou/Icchan
   Bakuto Sengen Daigander: Dorimogu
   Bobobo~bo Bo~bobo: Don Patch
   Card Captor Sakura: Kero (big)
   Hajime no Ippo: Sendo Takeshi
   Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne: Kaisei
   Mahou Tsukai Tai: Takakura Takeo
   Millenium Actress: Ida Kyoji
   One Piece: Chuu
   Sailor Moon: Jadeite & Kameda (ep 93)
   Slam Dunk: Aida Hikoichi, Yasuda Yasuhara & Anda
   Trigun: Vash