Name: Oishi Syuuichiro
School: Seigaku 3rd Year
Birthday: April 30
Status: Tennis Team Regular (Vice Captain)
Special Moves
   Moon Volley
   "Mother of Seigaku's Tennis Team"
   Member of the Golden Pair
      Australian Formation
Class: 2
Height: 175 cm
Blood type: O
Play-style: counter-puncher
Dominant hand: right
Favorite food: kushi age
Hobby: swimming
Favorite subject: English
Favorite color: white 

The Vice-captain of the tennis team, Oishi is also known as the "Mother of Seigaku" because of the way that he cares for his teammates. He is the captain Tezuka's oldest friend. Together with Kikumaru, his doubles partner, he mastered the Australian Formation and the Oishi Territory. When Tezuka left to be treated for his injury, Oishi took his place as interim captain.

He draws terrible pictures ^_^
Appears to be popular with girls but doesn't know how to handle the attention (mobbed by girls when he went to see Momshiro ^_^)

Family: He has a younger sister and his uncle, Akitaka, treated Tezuka.  
Kanji: Oishi 大石 means "large stone";
秀一郎 means "an excellent son/first child"
Seiyuu: Kandou Takayuki
   Godanner: Saruwatari Go
   Whistle!: Fujishiro Seiji
   Yu-Gi-Oh: Honda Hiroto (series 2)