Name: Kaido Kaoru
School: Seishun Gakuen (Seigaku)
Birthday: 5/11
Status: Tennis Team Regular
Year: 2nd
Special Moves
   Snake, Boomerang Snake
   Haddokyu Boomerang Snake
Class: 2
Height: 173 cm
Blood type: B
Play-style: counter-puncher
Dominant hand: right
Favorite food: tororo with buckwheat (cold noodles), yogurt, fruit juice
Hobby: marathon, collecting bandannas
Favorite subject: English
Favorite color: blue 
Favorite Saying:"Fshuuuu...." (More like a hissing noise rather than a saying)

He is the most dangerous appearing person out of the whole team, but does have a soft side as is seen with Echizen's cat, Karupin. Contrary to Momoshiro who is very loud and cheerful, Kaido is quiet and brooding. His personality in general is a "macho" type of thing that he has in trying to show no weaknesses to Momoshiro who is his rival. In general he is like a snake which has earned him the nickname of "Viper". He is afraid of anything that has to do with ghosts and thinks only of improving his tennis skills. He is a master of the bugee whip shot which he has named "Snake". His stamina is the best of the entire team and he is known for his hardworking ways.
Family: Hozumi (Mother), Shibuki (Father), Hazue (Younger brother)  
Kanji: Kaido 海棠 means aronia (flower);
means "to smell sweet"
Seiyuu: Kiyasu Kouhei
   Dear Boys: Aikawa Kazuhiko
   Hajime no Ippo: Makunouchi Ippo
   Mizuiro: Katase Kenji
   Whistle!: Fuwa Daichi