Name: Fuji Syusuke
School: Seishun Gakuen (Seigaku)
Birthday: 2/29 (leap year)
Status: Seigaku Regular (Seigaku's #2)
Year: 3rd
Special Moves
   Triple Counter:
      (1) Swallow Return ~ Tsubame Gaishi
      (2) Bear Drop ~ Higuma Otoshi
      (3) White Wale ~ Hakugei
   Disappearing Serve
Class: 6
Height: 167 cm
Blood type: B
Play-style: counter-puncher
Dominant hand: right
Favorite food: apple, Keijan [foreign] food, fiery chinese noodle soup
Hobby: collecting cactus, taking pictures
Favorite subject: classic
Favorite color: beige 

Relatively easy going, Fuji is an extremely observant player that can generally figure out what is happening on the courts faster than his collegues. Though he is generally smiling, when he is either serious or angry his eyes open completely (they usually look like they're closed) and will bring doom to whoever dares to stand against him :)

He is considered a tennis Genius. (Tensai)

He is also the only person on the whole team who can stand Inui's deadly vegetable juice.

Family: Father, Yoshiko(Mother), Yumiko(Older sister), Yuuta (Younger brother)
Yuuta attends St. Rudolph Highschool.
Kanji: Fuji 不二 means "peerless; unparalleled";
is "circuit"; suke is "help/rescue"
Seiyuu: Kaida yuki
   ..hack//legend of twilight: Houka
   Bakuto Sengen Daigander: Ryugu
   Corrector Yui: Fiina
   Dr. Rin ni Kiitemite!: Cynthia
   Futatsu no Spica: Suzuki Aki
   Gakkou no Kaidan: Haruko (episode 7)
   Hanaukyou Maid-Tai: Hanaukyou Tarou
   Hunter X Hunter: Kurapika
   Koji Koji: Himiko
   Rurouni Kenshin: Kenji
   Seraphim Call: Sanjou Ruru (episode 9)