Name: Echizen Ryouma
School: Seishun Gakuen
Birthday: 12/24
Status: Seigaku Regular
Year: 1st
Special Moves
   Twist Serve, Twist Serve Tornado, Super Rising,
   One-Footed Split Step,
   Drive B, Drive A, Cool Drive (Unfinished?!)
Class: 2
Height: 151 cm
Blood type: O
Play-style: all-rounder
Dominant hand: left
Favorite food: grilled fish, chawan-mushi, shrimp rice cracker ("ume" or "kimchi" flavor)
Hobby: trying out different bath salts while taking a bath
Favorite subject: science
Favorite color: silver
Favorite Saying:"Made Made Dane"
Speaks English
Is ambidextrous when playing tennis. Though left handed, he will generally start playing with his right hand unless his opponent is seriously strong.

An exceptionally talented player, Echizen is the first Freshman to make it into the regulars squad at Seigaku. He is generally a loner who doesn't like to talk much, which gives the appearance of arrogance. He is good friends with Momoshiro and enjoys using Kikumaru to get free food.

Strange Saying:"Uiisu!" his unique variation of "Uusu!" A slang way of saying "Hello" from a student to their Senpai ^_^
Name means:"To Exceed that which is in front of you"
Family: Echizen Nanjiro(Father), Takeuchi Rinko (Mother), Nanko (Cousin), Karupin (Cat)  
Kanji: Echizen 越前 means "to exceed what's in front of you"  
Seiyuu: Minagawa Junko
   ..hack//dusk:Kunisaki Shuugo
   Chrono Crusade: Joshua
   Duel Monsters: Shirokaze
   Godanner: Shinobu
   Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu Deluxe: Yumi
   Narue no Sekai: Nanase Kanaka
   Uninhabited Planet Survival: Shingo
   Vie Durant: Bi