About the Prince of Tennis Doujinshi Scanslation Project

Would you like to contact yoshikochan?  She'd love to hear from you!  Email her at kawaii_yochan@hotmail.com ~

Site Creation

Project Members:

      ~ yoshikochan
      ~ Lunatic Seas
      ~ rasuberi
      ~ momoka
      ~ whitelilacs
      ~ Jamie
      ~ Kannade

      ~ MIA List

The TeniPuri-DSP began on 2/3/03 when Yoshikochan couldn't get TeniPuri out of her head.  She kept thinking over and over about the two doujinshi anthologies she had just purchased at the local used Japanese book store and was being driven crazy by their cuteness.  So, after browsing through every TeniPuri website she could find (they were almost all in Japanese), she decided to create her own, and in that one day (she still hadn't done her homework) she created the TeniPuri-DSP website and has been editing it ever since. (It sux0red very much at the beginning.... even now, mada mada dane. -__-)

Yoshikochan provides the scans for the doujin, and a team consisting of the aforementioned project members creates the scanslations.  (In the beginning, there was only Yoshikochan and rasuberi ^^ for our oldest djs.)  Yoshiko manages the website entirely and puts together all the sections with help from the donations sent by many fans.  If you want to help in any way, go the the Additives section.  There's still a lot more that Yoshikochan needs!

Thank you to all the people that have helped: Aliditz, Shila, Drax, Devon, Cynsao, Kenn, Hikaru, and Mad (www.strawberrypocky.net) who donate space and bw for TeniPuri ost2, and all the others who emailed me and donated things!!  And sorry for being so slow with the doujinshi...

~ Yoshikochan was born in the year of Hatsuharu (the Ox), and seems to exist in a constant state of 'hera hera'.  Since only occasionally she wonders into reality, she established a website which would connect to herself: www.yoshikochan.com ~ if you would like to know more about her, visit this main page to see her artwork, stories, and live journal.

Now she frequents UCLA as a guest of honor (aka a 3rd year undergrad paying a lot of money) and is constantly exhausted by her engineering classes (scary to think such a hera hera shoujo is going to be designing the freeways you drive on).  Yet she updates excessively. 

She likes kitties and chocolate and getting As, and gets very depressed when she doesn't do well.  She has lots of wonderful but lazy friends, and likes to read lots of ljs. She likes to rant, too, about all sorts of silly things and then she takes it all back once she's no longer drunk (on life).  Her favorite website is her own, but she does check sites like animesuki and baka-updates every single day (multiple time). ^__^   This is her favorite smiley face.  And her favorite is Fuji-sama ~*the very image of an angel come to Earth*~.  She has been a hard-core anime fan for five years, and has seen and read over 300 mangas and animes (she even made a list).

Rasuberi ~

I like making wallpapers and doing various other graphics editing activities, but they can be tiring. I'm also rather lazy. Out of the Tenipuri characters I like Kaido and Ryoma the best, but there aren't very many cool pictures of Kaido! And I'm still very behind on the anime. (Around ep. 80 or so.) Ganbatte Seigaku!

~ Momoka lives in the land of Peach Ponta, aka Okayama (known to the rest of the world as the home of Momotarou). She spends her time studying Japanese and doing yoga and wondering why she's so busy all the time when she doesn't really do anything.

When she's not in Japan, she's home in L.A., bugging her little sister to play with her. They've been known to cosplay DL3 Gakuto and Oshitari among other things, but her not so secret ambition is to cosplay chibi Grandma Fuji someday.

She also edits for Epic Fansubs and does blog translations for the four Run&Gun members over at their livejournal community.


whitelilacs ~

Hi hi~ I'm ** years old and a 4th year UCLA student, that was happily dragged into the Prince of Tennis fandom (and all the shounen ai hints that come with it) in 2005 by none other than yoshikochan. In exchange she forced cosplay into yoshikochan's life. All the happiness in my life comes from cosplay, sewing, writing fanfics (angst + romance please), watching anime, reading manga/doujins (occasionally), listening to Asian pop (JE anyone? :D) and J-Rock (Alice Nine <3) 24-7, and going karaoke. Oh yeah I like RPing too when there's time, and when my muses are alive. There's more to say, but limited space. :P

Favorite tenipuri characters: Tezuka, Fuji, Sanada, Yukimura, Ryoma (grows on you...), Shiraishi, Oshitari, the list continues.
Favorite tenipuri pairings: TezuFuji, TezuFuji, FujiTezu, TezuFuji~, OshiGaku, OshiAto and others.


~ Jamie is probably the least exciting a wonderfully productive member of the team. XD A translator on other projects, but just a text editor here, she's actually in the process of creating a TeniPuri lyrics database.

She's your run-of-the-mill 19 year old college student from New York, studying French (or is that procrastination?). She's very happy to be part of the DSP and looks forward to plenty more scanlations. Favorite Teni character? Kaidoh! Mega-dorks 4 lyfe.


Kannade ~

Likes: Eating kitties, funny stuff, being childish, not being goth, adorable things, Walmart, Old Navy, CG art, anime, manga, baking, cooking, people, stamp collecting.

Dislikes: Itchy eyes, anything that hurts, crap, cleaning up after my hamster, bullies/meanies, K-mart (they're mean), sad people, Gym/P.E., drawing ugly-looking things, scary movies, scary people, scary anything, gross anything, apple sauce, sea food, bugs, smelling weird.

Age: I'm a teen + a few weeks old


MIA? T___T

Mizuka is a high-schooler who loves anime/manga... and translating. Mizuka likes the series TeniPuri, Gundam SEED (and Destiny), and HaruToki most. Mizuka also likes drawing, j-pop, the internet, money (oi), BL, voice actors, procrastinating, etc...^^;; Mizuka doesn't like... the sound of snoring. X_x It's the noise Mizuka hates the most. *nod nod* Mizuka knows English and Japanese... and a bit of Korean. (just a little bit) And... Mizuka can't find anything else to say. The End. ^__^

Nhara ~
I'm a highschooler from the small island of Oahu. That's a part of the state of Hawaii. It's a part of the US... apparently some people dont know that -_-;;... I'm Japan born, speak Japanese and English fluently, and am learning french.

I love anime/manga... it's a big part of my life. Even if my mom doesn't like me watching/reading anime/manga too much... I do anyway. Some of the anime I like are Prince of Tennis (of course ^_^), Detective Academy Q, Detective Conan, Kindaichi Case Files, Alice 19th, and... Card Captor Sakura (at times). My favorite PoT character is Fuji, hence why my usual penname (like ff.net) is "SadistFujiFan." Other characters I like are Kaido, Inui, Kamio, Shinji, Saeki, Eiji, Yuuta, Momo, Ryoma, Jiroh, Ohtori, Shishido, and Oshitari. It's a lot, I know. 

I cant think of anything else... but... I love yo-chan and her site!!!