Work by Yoshikochan

All the artwork here is in order of when I drew it (not when it was updated!!) so you can see the progression (or degression, hehheh).  My specialty is faces since that's all I drew in high school.  I'm not very good at different expressions, though.  What I'm trying to get better at is drawing bodies in different positions.  I'm also trying to learn to draw clothes.  Recently I started experimenting a little with color ~ demo sore wa mada made dane. ^__^


The main characters from my story, The Box of the Dead. I created a wallpaper which has a better resolution of the best parts of the picture.  I was very happy with the way the ghost's hair and kimono came out, but the boy's arm is a mistake. I'm not very good with photoshop programs, but I did my best to add some color using scanned-in origami paper.

Work by Rasuberi